Northeast Tattoo and Body Piercing

Minneapolis, MN

Tragus with a very sparkly CZ. Piercing by Mary Todryk, jewelry by Industrial Strength
Double Helix with Black CZ. Piercings by Mary Todryk, Jewelry by Industrial Strength.
Fresh second nostril piercing (the one closer to the tip of her nose) by Mary Todryk
Moth, wrapping around the thigh by John Laramy
Hello Sunshine and Purple Opals! We just downsized this month old philtrum piercing with a beautiful Industrial Strength purple opal, and we think it matches the spring sunshine wonderfully!
Knight’s helmet by John Laramy
Upgraded Tragus Piercing with fabulous jewelry by Industrial Strength
Hanya by John Laramy
Tragus with the Menage by Industrial Strength. Piercing by Mary Todryk
Cobra on the Forearm by John Laramy