Northeast Tattoo and Body Piercing

Minneapolis, MN

Lovely Maya jewelry for the always lovely Britt.
In Progress Frankenstein’s Monster by Aaron Matthews
Minneapolis, Minnesota by Aaron Matthews
First Session on a Sleeve and Chest Cap by Jack Gribble

meaganisabear said: Could you tell me why plugs are so expensive? I don't understand how some simple wood plugs could cost $150


The raw material (aka wood) can be expensive, rare, and hard to find.  Some wood needs to be shelved to dry for YEARS before it can be made into jewelry.  Then that wood is turned in a space dedicated to making jewelry, on equipment that costs money to purchase and maintain, by a person who has to be paid well for their expertise.  Then it gets polished, inspected for quality, and shipped to a studio. At the studio, it gets inspected, periodically oiled, put on display, and must be sold at a profit to cover all the costs incurred in the process.  

A well made pair of something as simple as wood plugs takes a lot of love and dedication, and a small initial investment ensures you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

We just had some new displays made, and we love how well they feature these brass beauties by Diablo Organics!
Minoan Octopus by Jack Gribble
Goldfish by Aaron Matthews
Flowers by Aaron Matthews
Lotus by Jack Gribble