Northeast Tattoo and Body Piercing

Minneapolis, MN

Panther by Jack Gribble
Purdy brass weights from Diablo Organics
While we did not perform the piercing we had a great time picking out new jewelry! She decided on a gold flower from Anatometal, and we love this look.
We have plenty of love from Maya Organics in the shop, stop by and check them out!
Mill City by Teddy

Mill City by Teddy

Fox by Teddy
Check out these beauties that we got from the fabulous people at Diablo Organics. Brass and Adventurine weights. So purdy!
Brand new, super cute nostril piercing by Mary Todryk. Jewelry by the good people at Anatometal
Cobra by Teddy

Cobra by Teddy

Nostril piercing by Mary Todryk, jewelry by Anatometal